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There is a popular saying: "One life, two fortunes, three geomantic omens, four yin virtues, five studies, six seven ministers, eight gods, nine friends, and ten health preservation". It describes that a person's success will be affected by many factors, including "destiny", "geomantic omens", "yin virtues", and so on.



In ancient society, the theory of "geomantic omen" is a part of traditional culture, the core of which is the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, reaching the realm of "harmony between man and nature". When building houses, the ancients paid more attention to the orientation, address and surrounding environment of the house...


As the old saying goes, "The gate is the crown of the house". The gate is not only the main way to get in and out, but also a symbol of the position and prestige of the head of household in ancient times...In addition, there are auspicious words like "Ginkgo biloba is full of wealth in the house" and "persimmons are placed in the house, and fortune is rolling in".



There are also many people who like to place stones in front of the door, such as stone lions made of stone, stone mythical wild animals, etc., which not only has the function of decoration, but also has the auspicious meaning of housing.


What's the meaning of putting the stone lion at the gate?



一. Avoid evil spirits and get lucky. In the eyes of the ancients, lions have always been auspicious animals to drive away evil spirits, so they were used to guard tombs as early as the Han Dynasty. The establishment of stone lions and "Shi Dandang" at rural intersections also hopes that they can quell houses, ward off evil spirits and suppress misfortunes.


二. Predict disasters. In legend, lions have the power to predict disasters. In case of floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, the eyes of stone lions will turn red or bleed, so people can take refuge in advance.


三. Show power. The stone lions guarding the gates of palaces, royal residences, government offices, and mansions are often majestic, showing the power and dignity of their masters. For example, two pairs of majestic stone lions guarding the gate of the imperial city on the bank of the Jinshui River in front of the Tian'anmen Gate in Beijing reflect the supremacy and inviolability of imperial power.


四. Art deco. The shape of the stone lion is changeable, and the craft is exquisite. It is an excellent work of art. After the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people often stepped on a "hydrangea" under the paws of male lions, and stepped on a cub under the feet of female lions, which is not only beautiful, but also reflects people's good wishes for peace and harmony.


There are rules for putting stone lions at the door. Generally speaking, they appear in pairs, usually left male and right female, which conforms to the traditional Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. The male lion on the left side of the door is usually carved with his right front paw to play with hydrangea or put a hydrangea between his two front paws; The lioness on the right side of the door is carved with a left front paw caressing a cub or a cub lying between two front paws.



Stone lions are placed on both sides of the gate, depending on the direction of people going out of the gate. When people go out of the gate, the male lion is on the left and the female lion is on the right. When entering from the outside成年男性泄欲网站, the opposite is true...


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